Training Your Dog


When owning a dog, it is important to teach them everything they need to know to live peacefully with other people. Your dog needs to know what he can and can not do, and he needs to know that you are in charge of him and he needs to listen to you, not the other way around. The key to owning a well-behaved dog lies in the way you train him. Your training needs to be effective, so here are some tips on how to train your dog effectively.

If you think training is unnatural, think again. Even in the wild, dogs crave leadership and direction; that is the whole reason why packs are formed. Even if you only have two dogs, one will always be in charge of the other. You must be the leader of your dogs, and you must show them how they are to behave. Do not let your dog control you, and do not allow him to be the boss of anything. You must make it clear that you are the leader, and he is not.  The best way to train your dog is to star when he is young. Think about how you want him to behave when he grows up, and begin teaching him as early as possible. Remember, socialization with both people and other animals is one of the most important things your dog can learn, so do not neglect this lesson.

For success in training, you must understand how a dog learns. A dog learns by the consequence of his behavior and what he did. For example, if you tell your dog to sit and he listens, he is rewarded, thus reinforcing this good behavior. When you reward your dog for doing something good, he will be more eager to obey and get that reward. On the other hand, if your dog is sleeping in your bed and you tell him to move but he ignores you, something needs to be done. You tell him ”off”, but he still doesn’t listen, and when you try to move him he growls. Do not back away and do not let him stay on that bed. If you quickly back off, he thinks, “I am alpha, therefore, I say this is my bed and not yours!” and he has won. That will lead to serious aggression problems if you let him win. Instead, don’t back off. Tell him to get off that bed in a firm voice and move him off. He needs to know that is your bed, not his. When he does something bad, let him know. Don’t let it slide, he needs to know what happens when he is bad. Hitting or abusing your dog is NEVER the answer to your problem!!

Be consistent in your training, and be sure to use positive and negative reinforcement. Keep training sessions short and fun so your dog is eager to learn, and doesn’t become bored or distracted. Using treats is a good way to train your dog, but be sure you use them properly and only reward him when he does something good. If your dog loves to play, throw the ball when he obeys. Dogs love to be rewarded, and most will try their hardest to please their owner.

If you have any questions, leave a comment! Happy training!


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